If Your Aim Is Increasing Your Home Value – We Know How To Do It

Streamline Renovations offer window capping service in Windsor, Ontario and Essex County, where we are preferred because of our industry-leading service. We have successfully provided satisfactory results to both residential and commercial properties. We have always strived to bring high-quality materials to our customers – and have been successful in doing so.

Window capping is not a job for DIY-ers, even though it may look simple and fun. Failing to do so properly might harm your property today, but it poses a great threat to the future. This is why a window capping service is a great option.

As you choose a professional for your window capping, you are ensuring protection for your window wooden casing for a long time. And this is why doing or installing the same without prior experience or proper knowledge in doing so might not bring out the best results.

Working with top manufacturers in the country helps us to supply rich quality raw materials to our customers – which are easy to install and highly durable.

Why should you hire our window capping services?

How often do you come across companies where it makes the customers genuinely happy? We are a rare few of them where you will find satisfactory services given the investment you make with us.

True affordability: We present our customers with a truly affordable service, including the raw materials we supply. Even with an affordable service, you are getting a dedicated project manager that will oversee your project, requiring less to no participation from you.

We start discussing the prices with you from the very beginning, giving you enough time to consider us over your other choices. You might also get a generous discount on your next project in case you refer us to any of your friends or family.

Polite and professional: Our team is extremely polite from the moment you connect with us and talk about your project. Our representatives will help you understand the importance of aluminum capping and will help you understand the prices and time required for completing your project.

Experienced and insightful: With years of experience, we are now aware of the specific requirements of our customers. We understand that apart from safety precautions, your window capping must have an aesthetic appeal that matches your home – regardless of the shape or condition it is in.

We understand safety reasons: Not all of us can be a hero – no matter how easy or fancy it looks. So, attempting to do window capping yourself- for example, could be a wrong move. And this is why we don’t recommend doing this yourself. Not only do you lack experience and expertise, but you also do not have any safety precautions or required tools to carry out the operation suitably. 

If your windows have old capping – we will carefully remove them without damaging your property. Call us today; you can directly talk about your project or ask about our rates.