It Doesn’t Need To Be Stressful When Remodelling Your Home

Streamline Renovations is a leading exterior remodelling company serving Windsor and Essex counties. We provide an extensive range of exterior renovations to ensure that all your renovation requirements are answered under one roof. With our years of industry experience, we combine our expertise with top-of-the-class materials selection, remodelling, and custom craftsmanship to ensure that all our clients are getting world-class services. With our unique and tailored services, you can expect your property to stand out and also keep your property up to date with modern trends.

We worked with hundreds of commercial and residential properties in Windsor, Ontario and Essex county, Canada, helping them with their decorative stone siding and other exterior remodelling requirements like installing decks, patios, etc. We source our material from some of the top manufacturers in the country and use state-of-the-art tools for our remodelling projects. Depending on your project, our experienced remodelers will be able to tell you how long the project at your property will take and what you can expect from it.

Streamline Renovations

Why should you get your exterior remodelling done?

Most people often focus on renovating the interior of their property and do not put much thought into the looks of the exterior. In fact, while the frequency of interior renovation can go upto 75%, that of the exterior is only 50%. So, if you are debating why you should get your exterior remodelled along with your interior, here is why:

  1. Aesthetics: Remodelling your exterior gives your property a new look, and it does not have to be anything drastic. You can do something as simple as changing the colour of the exterior to something as big as adding a new patio, garden pond or anything you desire. It also increases your property value when it is time to sell it and helps you improve the overall condition of your property.
  2. Energy efficiency: If you are looking for any other reason than improving the aesthetics of your property to remodel your exterior, energy efficiency is a big one. Having a cracked window or crack in the roof can cause the outside temperature to seep in, causing your utility bill to increase. When you remodel the exterior, these problems can be easily fixed.
  3. Little to no maintenance: If you have had your property for more than a decade and not once you have remodelled your exterior, your property will start showing signs of aging. When you regularly remodel, you will notice that your property looks just like the day you first moved in, sleek and proper.
  4. Enhanced security and safety: Having decorative stone siding not only improves the look of your property but also provides enhanced security and safety to the property and its residents. Installing new exterior windows and doors keep your valuables safe from robbers, etc.

These are a few of the reasons why you should remodel your exterior as soon as possible. Hiring our team to remodel your exterior will ensure that you receive high-end services at a reasonable rate in your area.